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Universal C Eye Perfector FAQs

Can I use Universal C Eye Perfector on my eyelids?

No, the skin on your eyelids are very delicate and sensitive. We do not recommend to use Universal C Eye Perfector on the lids. 

Apply to under-eyes, outer corners, and brow bone.


Why does Universal C Eye Perfector only contain 5% Pure Vitamin C?

5% of pure, stable L’asorbic acid (pure vitamin C) is the ideal level for the delicate eye area.

Because of its purity and stability backed by two patents, only BeautyStat can deliver potent collagen synthesis for smoothing lines and wrinkles, inhibits the over-production of melanin which causes hyperpigmentation, and provides antioxidant protection.  


Why is Universal C Eye Perfector colored light pink?

Universal C Eye Perfector has a beautiful light pink shade due to the high level of Green Tea – which provides the highest level of anti-inflammatory action – and interference soft focus particles with natural pigment to instantly blur and correct imperfections.


Why should I apply eye cream with my ring finger?

Your ring finger is your weakest finger, this ensures you won’t use too much pressure on the delicate skin around your eye. Take care to not pull or drag the skin when massaging in the product.


When should I use Universal C Eye Perfector?

Use Universal C Eye Perfector in the morning and night for best results.


How long will a bottle of Universal C Eye Perfector last me?

One full sized bottle should last you one month if used AM and PM.


How fast will I begin to see visible results?

You will instantly see a brightening and blurring effect due to the infused optical diffusers. By the end of 4 weeks of AM and PM use, you will see a dramatic visible difference in under eye circles, puffiness, and fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet.


Is the Mica used in Universal C Eye Perfector ethical? 

Yes, Mica found in our formula are ECOCERT and COSMO certified. 

How does BeautyStat Cosmetics ensure that the Shea butter sourced is ethical? 

Our supplier maintains a record of sustainability and ethical behaviour for the purchases and procurement of Shea.  


Is the Titanium Dioxide in Universal C Eye Perfector non-nano? 

Yes, it is non-nano. 

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